Central Berlin's Inaugural Salons: 3 Amazing Chefs - One Location

Property Development Central Berlin celebrated its inaugural salon evenings November 2015 with three exceptional dinners from chefs Dylan Watson (Ernst), Ramses Manneck (Industry Standard), and Shinji Kobayashi (ULA Berlin). The chefs cooked for invited guests in Central Berlin's Bel Étage Suite, directly located on the historic Strausberger Platz. The Bel Étage Suite is a nod to GDR history which has been appropriately curated by interior designer Stephan Schilgen. Both Schilgen & Central Berlin's developer, Einar Skjerven, were on hand to introduce guests to special aspects of Central Berlin and the Bel Étage Suite. Thank you to our support partners Aqua Monaco, AudiMary Lennox, Monkey 47, Paper & Tea, San Cosme, Tokuri, and music selection by Ahmad Larnes of Schwarz Don't Crack

For further details, view Central Berlin's reportage: http://bit.ly/1PfPbCU

Photographer Credit:  Andreas Alexander Bohlender