Meet the Innovators: Lunettes Kollektion

Lunettes began as a boutique geared towards vintage eye-wear collectors. Having expanded and developed its own eye-wear line called Lunettes Kollektion, the brand translates iconic frames from fashion history to create classics with a twist.

On April 23rd, 2014, The Valise Society visited the Lunettes Atelier for a private aperitivo.


Q & A With the Ute Geyer, Chief Designer of Lunettes


1. How would you best describe the Lunettes style & what has inspired the design ethos behind the brand?

My design philosophy stems from the concept of honoring the past while living in the now. During my academic years, I was part of a team restoring an Art Deco church, and also participated in anthropological digs, while at the same time working in a fashion-focused new media agency. These combined experiences focused my intuitive natural vision for curating and creating good design.


2. Your collaboration projects have included James Long & Louise Gray, amongst others. Besides beautiful products, what have you taken away from these collaborations?

Working with fashion designers is very inspiring. They do have a different approach, so all of the frames we did in the collaborations have very unusual effects and details that are atypical for eye-wear design. It feels like our designs were freshened up.


3. Tradition & local provenance seem to be at the heart of Lunettes. Can you speak to the process of working in Italy and designing from Berlin?

The fact that we are producing in Italy is representative of our admiration of traditional craftsmanship. Italy has a very long tradition of making high quality eye-wear by hand, so it is no wonder that we found our family-run factory in the mountains of north Italy. Our designs are made in Berlin, and are inspired by Berlin's creative energy.


4. What projects or collaborations do you have in the pipeline at the moment?

We are working on runway pieces for a fashion designer in London. They are going to be mega-glossy and extremely bright and colourful. Feel free to guess who it might be?!


5. As the Lunettes brand develops, where would you like to see it go? What's your All-Star dream collaboration?

Even as Lunettes is growing and we are bringing more and more people on board, I would love keep it like a family - as the Italians do. Also I would like to stick to tradition, even though demand grows.

As for an All-Star Dream Collaboration: Well, it’s not realistic, because these amazing people are no longer alive, but in my imagination. I would love to see what a pair of sunglasses made by Louise Bourgeois or Alberto Giacometti would look like.


Photo Credit: David Vendryes