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V Berlin’s Insider Excursion with Melissa Drier of WWD

Tim Labenda

Tim Labenda

Valise’s travel desk V Berlin launches a quarterly excursion inviting leading journalists and insiders to curate unique experiences exposing aspects of Berlin not seen everyday.

On this V Berlin excursion, Melissa Drier of WWD has chosen four designers whose style and sophistication is often in sharp contrast to Berlin's rag-tag, if not downright anarchistic charm. On this chauffeured driven excursion, we’ll be meeting Dawid Tomaszewski, Michael Sontag, Hien Le, and Tim Labenda in their ateliers & spaces.

Participants will have a chance to find out about each designer’s aims and approach, preview next fall’s new looks as well as possibly purchasing current and second season merchandise, before landing in Melissa Drier’s own new multi-purpose Kreuzberg space for drinks.

When: Saturday, May 7th

Time:  1:30pm - 4:30pm

Cost:  Members: 75€  (+VAT)
          Non-Members  85€ (+VAT)

Cost includes all fees including transport & and drinks. 

For full details & registration: