Dormroomgallery at Le Magasin
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Dormroomgallery at Le Magasin

Welcome to Dormroomgallery at le magasin

Founded at the beginning of this year by Maximilian Biagosch and Phillip Klimek, the Dormroomgallery is working for a natural access to art for all generations.

The concept - Art is not only made for museums and educative purposes, but especially to add quality to your everyday life, providing daily inspiration and emotional experiences.

For the first time in Berlin the Dormroomgallery presents the pop up night A PLACE BEYOND THE SUN, an evening surrounded by young contemporary art, music and conversation.

We are looking forward to your visit and an interesting round up for you Sunday afternoon

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Meditation Workshop by Silatha
6:00 PM18:00

Meditation Workshop by Silatha

Join us for a meditation session to start your transformation

Life is so busy and as a result we’re feeling stressed, anxious and burnt out. Are you looking for more

balance and inner-peace? Want to transform but not quite sure how?

Join Silatha Founder Veroniek Vermeulen as she guides you through an inspiring evening on how to

cultivate the character strength of how to “Love & Be Loved”. Using Meditation and different

processes, this powerful 2hr workshop will show you the power and happiness behind creating a

deeper, more meaningful connection with yourself and the importance of self-love. Having more

compassion and forgiveness towards yourself. Imperfections and all! Whether you are an experienced

meditator, or you would like to try it for the very first time. We invite you to discover your inner source

of lasting happiness and purpose.


10 € when you buy it in advance

12 € at the door (in cash)

Please RSVP to

About the Organizer


Silatha is a comprehensive wellness coach at your fingertips, co-created with known yogis, meditation

teachers and psychologists. Entrepreneur & founder of Silatha, Veroniek left her corporate career

behind to create Silatha. She is on a quest to bring the calm, balance and happiness of daily

meditation to busy, multi-tasking types, like her former self.



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Aperitivo Friday X DSM
5:00 PM17:00

Aperitivo Friday X DSM

As Le Magasin by Valise opened it’s doors for an outstanding co-retail experience, we invite you to browse through our carefully curated space and enjoy an Aperitivo and Tasting Evening this Friday from 5 - 7 pm.

Feel inspired by Products, Concepts and Brands from all over Europe, that we believe are paving the way for sustainable and stylish approaches to spirits, design, fashion and lifestyle all over.

As a Special Guest, this Friday we will have the DSM Team in our space. They will introduce to you their premium Spirits and guide you all the way from South-African Chamomile to their German Asparagus Destillates. This Small Batch distillery from Berlin will blow your mind!

Join in for a tasty, fun and unique experience!

Please RSVP to!

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Live Chocolate making & tasting by Moruga
6:00 PM18:00

Live Chocolate making & tasting by Moruga

Have you ever smelled at chocolate and felt the warm smell of caramelised banana, vanilla and notes of rum enchant you? our vision is to create 100% pure, single origin chocolates free of additives so you can experience the unique aroma of various cacao beans as you know it from coffee, craft beer or wine.

Interested? Join our cacao tasting. all cacaos served are free of sugar or other additives - vegan and keto friendly.

Free Entry!
This includes:

• experience live chocolate making & tasting

• hear founder Jonas talk about his vision of creating a role model for sustainable cacao trade 

• learn about the secret behind our newest innovation, cooled type-3 chocolate

• try our best 100% chocolates trinidad takeover & guatemala groove

• sip on our popular cacao husk tea

• enjoy a few savoury snacks to keep you grounded

• watch videos from the abandoned plantations in trinidad

• ask us any question

Please RSVP to


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Good Life Breakfast by TAUKO
7:00 AM07:00

Good Life Breakfast by TAUKO

21.5. at 7am-9am
21.5. at 9am-11am

It is time to act!

Join us for a cozy Good Life breakfast at Le Magasin and we’ll guide you into the new sustainable fashion era where clothes are manufactured respecting all living creatures on our planet. Fashion that feels, looks and stays good. We’ll offer you the best fresh porridge you’ve ever had accompanied with fruits and berries, coffee and tea – and the most inspiring and empowering ideas on sustainable fashion!

Choose your date and time, and please RSVP to so we can keep a seat for you.


TAUKO is a Finnish sustainable fashion brand that has been awarded by the British Council as the Best Sustainable Fashion Project. The founder and CEO of TAUKO, Mila Moisio, will be hosting the breakfast servings and present the new Summer & Spring Sand and Ideals – collection.

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4:00 PM16:00


Save the date_keynote.jpg

Valise opens a co-retail experience highlighting outstanding hand-picked & curated lifestyle brands from April 8th - May 29th, 2019 in Berlin, Mitte 10119. 

The concept of Le Magasin - The Co-Retail Experience by Valise is to alleviate a lot of pain points brands face when entering new markets - benefiting from an existing infrastructure, exposure to foot-traffic, and curated events all within an inspiring space managed by the Valise Creative Consultancy.

For consumers, it's an opportunity to experience and purchase new products, concepts and be exposed to fresh ideas. 

For the Spring 2019 inaugural pilot, Le Magasin - The Co-Retail Experience by Valise will present a selection of brands across lifestyle, design, fashion, and craft spirits - celebrating dynamic brands from Europe and beyond. 

LAUNCH EVENT: Thursday, April 18th, 2019 4PM - 8PM

LOCATION: Torstrasse 138, 10119 Berlin, Germany

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm, Mondays - by appointment only

LOCATION CLOSING DATE: Tuesday, May 29th  

NOTA BENE: There will be regular events hosted in the space check for full details

Window display_keynote.jpg
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7:00 PM19:00



2018 has been an incredible year of growth for the Valise Creative Consultancy & our travel desk V Berlin. To show our gratitude to our clients, family and friends, we invite you to join us for an evening of discovery at the special haus of Canadian lighting design company Bocci.

DATE: Thursday, November 29TH

TIME: 7 PM - 9 PM

Bocci 79
Kantstrasse 79, 10627 Berlin

Join us for conversation and drinks in the beautiful atmosphere of Bocci 79.

RSVP by Tuesday, November 27th via the link below.

Generously Supported by

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7:30 PM19:30



Join us for relaxed drinks, conversation & discovery of Norn's Berlin space.

About Norn

Norn is a collection of intimate homes in Berlin, Barcelona, San Francisco and London that give travelers a sense of home & locals a sense of away.

About Valise

Valise provides insider access & unique experiences to the modern day internationalist. Our creative consultancy serves lifestyle brands entering the German market & our V Berlin Travel desk provides bespoke experiences to discerning Berlin visitors.

With the Support of Mezcal San Cosme & Aqua Monaco


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6:00 PM18:00


Baseera Khan_Seat #10_2018 for invite.jpg

Baseera Khan, Seat #10, 2018 ((detail)


Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz & Tobias Tanner invite you to OSMOS in New York

In Exhibition: Baseera Khan - precious not precious. Baseera Khan is an American-Muslim queer femme contemporary artist.  

Thursday, May 3rd from 6 - 9 pm

OSMOS Address is a storefront project space that was once a saloon where, according to Emma Goldman, "radical writers and artists ... would argue the world's problems far into the night". With OSMOS Magazine, OSMOS Books, and OSMOS exhibitions and collaborations, Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz has established a multivalent international program for the exchange of ideas and images. 


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2:00 PM14:00

V Berlin Insider Series: Discovering Scent with Susan Stone

Berlin is home to some of the top talents and innovators working with scent - from best-selling perfumes to ground-breaking art projects. With so many noses and industry veterans, we've asked journalist Susan Stone to take us behind the scenes to get to know a few notable players.

Susan has lined up a special afternoon of experiences, from scent education and in-depth look at a re-birthed brand that was big in the 20s, to a smelling session with a renowned perfumer, and ending with scented cocktails from a celebrated mixologist.

Date: Saturday, May 6th

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Cost: 75€ Valise Society Members

          95€ Non-Members

Cost Includes transport, tasting & entry fees, and all associated costs.

Nota bene: Excursion booking requires a minimum of 8 persons and we have capacity for up to 12 persons. If the 8 person minimum is not reached, all participants will be fully refunded.




 Frau Tonis — Bottling Berlin & Creative Collaborations

The search for a scent sniffed on a stranger at the Philharmonic lead Stefanie Hanssen to create her own perfumery, which she named for her grandmother. Working harmoniously together with traditional West Berlin fragrance maker Harry Lehmann, the shop sells classics like the violet scent worn by Marlene Dietrich, and other vintage-inspired perfumes.

But Hanssen also works with Grasse perfumers to create modern homages, The newest chapter for Frau Tonis is collaborations with fresh talents in the creative field - including a food artist and floral designers. We meet Sarah Phumdorkmai and Gwen Schlüter  who invite us to sniff some of the perfumery’s many fragrances, get an overview of its artistic collaborations, and receive a goodie bag to take home.  

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin — A heritage brand comes back with a modern touch

Berlin perfume brand J.F. Schwarzlose has an historic pedigree. The brand was founded in 1856, and folded in 1976, but was resuscitated as a niche line in 2012 by Lutz Herrmann and Tamas Tagscherer.  At the peak of its popularity in the 1920’s, the JFS perfume IA-33, named for Berlin’s license plate numbers, was the scent for the modern, on-the-go women. IA-33 bears some resemblance to the iconic chypre Chanel No5, but replaces its jasmine with linden blossom, a Berliner touch. 

During our visit to JFS, we will see original packaging, learn about the perfume business in Berlin in the 1920’s, see the brand’s artistic take on fragrance advertising, which takes the form of a short fashion film, and get a smelling tour showing how the new JFS reinterpreted classic Schwarzlose fragrances from the brand’s archive.  

Urban Scents — A Perfumer’s Art

French-trained perfumer Marie Le Febvre has her own line of 6 fragrances, and a series of candles. She also creates bespoke perfumes for private clients as well as fragrances for brands and companies.  We’ll meet her at her atelier & gallery space, which she runs with her husband. 

Perfumed Cocktails presented by Botanical Fusion  

The tour will end with a special treat  — a perfumed cocktail based on one of Marie’ Le Febvre's Urban Scents fragrances. The cocktail is designed by mixologist Arnd Henning Heissen of the Fragrances Bar at the Ritz Carlton, and is made with a special Botanical Fusion perfumed essences. 

Both Henning Heissen and Perfumer Valeriya Fridman of Botanical Fusion will be on site to discuss the project, and toast the close of the event. A non-alcoholic version of the cocktail will also be available.   


About Susan Stone

Susan Stone has been writing about perfume and fragrance innovation for more than a decade. Her print, digital, and audio stories on the subject have appeared in WWD, Monocle24, Deutsche Welle, NPR, and more. She is currently working on a book project focused on scent and creativity. 



About V Berlin

V Berlin is the concierge desk of Valise and offers custom-tailored excursions.  We’ll take you to the hard to find insider places that tourists miss and explain their significance in the developing cultural landscape of the German hauptstadt: from art, design, architecture, fashion, gastronomy, the artisanal high street, and Berlin's infamous nightlife.

The discerning Berlin vistor, turns to V Berlin.


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7:00 PM19:00

Aperativo with Jojo Corväiá

Ceramic Designer Jojo Corväiá is a multidisciplinary creative whose body of work focuses on social statement through multimedia projects and gastronomy.  Most recently, his ceramics gravitate towards the concept of imperfection, asymmetry, and modesty. Jojo creates his pieces with an ancient method of production dating to the 10th Century B.C allowing him a unique intimacy with the material.

The Valise Society will join Jojo in his Berlin atelier for drinks and special insight on Thursday, February 23rd.

Start Time: 7pm - 9pm

Free Members
15€ Non-Memebrs

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Breakfast Meets Dinner at Benedict (Berlin)
7:30 PM19:30

Breakfast Meets Dinner at Benedict (Berlin)

One of the most popular restaurants in Tel Aviv has just opened a new branch (the first outside of Israel) at the new Max Brown Hotel. Benedict is a 24-hour breakfast joint that is already a favorite amongst Berliners.

On Thursday, January 26th, the Valise Society will gather for food, friendship, drinks, and what are quite possibly the best pancakes ever.  
We will be treated to a conversation with senior management of the hotel and flowing mimosas, savory & sweet dishes.

Start Time: 7:30 pm Welcome Drinks
8:00 à Table
We end at 11pm

35€ Members
55€ Non-Memebrs

Cost Includes:
Family style meal (sweet & savory)
Wines & Beverages


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7:00 PM19:00

Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur Salon Evening

It's been a fantastic year, and to close the 2016 salon season, we invite our members & friends alike to join the Valise Society for discovery of the distilling process and spirits tasting at the PSM distillery, one of the most extraordinary experiences and one of our favorite manufacturers in Berlin. Antipasti & cocktails will be served after the tasting presentation.

When: November 30th

Where: PSM Distillery - Seestraße 13, 13353 Berlin

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Members: 25€

Non-members: 35€

Cost includes spirits tasting, cocktails and Antipasti-

Register via Eventbrite:

About PSM

Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur (PSM) upholds the tradition of excellent Prussian spirits manufacturing with the use of home-made macerates and distillates of select, hand-picked raw materials. Preserved in its original state from 1874,  the distillery not only produces spirits of uncompromising quality, but is also a peek into the history of Berlin.  


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6:00 PM18:00

Finnish Wilderness - Fashion & Lifestyle from up North

Welcome to explore the Finnish Wilderness with a bunch of inspirational craftsmen and -women showcasing their brands from up North!

This evening will be all about Nordic fashion, nature and lifestyle spiced up with some tasty cocktails by the Kyrö Distillery Company. As winter creeps in, join us for this heart-warming evening with other good people, tastemakers and designers.

Register via Eventbrite:    

Full details on the brands:

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7:30 PM19:30

Meet the Innovators: Wilfried Lembert of minimum Design (Berlin)

Founded in 1999 by Wilfried Lembert, minimum is an important address in Berlin for high quality interior design. The passion for great authentic design forms the foundation for the continuous growth of the company, which by now has three locations in Berlin.

Wilfried Lembert invites Valise Society members for a private salon dinner at minimum’s Torstrasse emporium for a bit of discovery and conversation.

Location: Torstrasse 140

                 10119 Berlin

Time:  7:30 pm drinks

           8pm à Table

This event is closed to Valise Society Members.






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7:00 PM19:00

Meet the Innovators: Haw-Lin (Berlin)

Haw-lin Services is a multidisciplinary creative studio offering creative direction, photography and graphic design. Their process is focused on research, concept development, and iterative/fluid collaboration. Haw-lin has received international recognition through their  online mood board of inspiration, interest, art, mountains, plants, sex, shoes, and Michael Jordan.

Haw-lin welcomes the Valise Society for an aperitivo at their Kreuzberg studio to discover and discuss their latest works and ambitions.

Register via Eventbrite:

When:               June 22nd

Where:             Grimmstraße 23, 10967 Berlin

Time:                7pm - 9pm

Members:         Free

Non members: 25€

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